Publication of AI & Democratic Values Index 2022 Report (AIDV-2022)

The third edition of the AI & Democratic Values Index 2022 (AIDV-2022) report has been published by the Center for AI and  Digital Policy (CAIDP) and it is now available at:

The AIDV-2022 report (1220 pages) is by far the most comprehensive and detailed source on AI policy and regulation developments worldwide. This year’s report covers 75 countries; it includes updated metrics that implement the OECD AI Principles, the 2021 UNESCO Recommendation on AI and Ethics and the 2022 Global Privacy Assembly Resolutions on AI & Ethics, AI & Accountability and Facial Recognition. The AIDV-2022 report includes an interactive map with country scores for each metric and it is also available at:

I contributed to the review and drafting of the chapter on Mexico, which is available as an individual country report at:

Congratulations to Karine Caunes, Marc Rotenberg, Merve Hickok, CAIDP Board Members, the CAIDP Research Group and the voluntary contributors who made this year’s publication possible.

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