About us

ProtDataMx is a boutique specializing in legal services for businesses and telecommunications service providers, companies and organizations with Internet presence, as well as all kinds of domestic and foreign companies that are obliged to comply with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its Regulation, including organizations and institutions that provide educative, research, leisure, medical, financial, advertising and marketing services and other businesses that process personal data and information in Mexico.

The firm has an extensive experience in advising companies from the telecommunications and information technology sectors in aspects related to electronic commerce, the use of electronic signatures and certification service providers, domain names, measures and policies on consumer protection, spam, intellectual property, copyright, access to information and in particular jurisdictional aspects related to crimes committed through the use of information technologies and security.

The founder and director of ProtDataMx has over ten years of experience advising companies, concessionaires, licensees and governments in areas related to the regulation of information technologies, as well as a wide network of contacts with international and regional organizations, data protection authorities, industry and academic research centers on law and technology located in Europe, North America and Latin America, which offers the firm a value-added in the rendering of services and counsel to companies or organizations that have branches, subsidiaries or representative offices in other countries.