Publication of the Book “Cyber Law in Mexico” from Dr. Cristos Velasco

The fourth edition of the book in English titled “Cyber ​​Law in Mexico” [ISBN 9789041148643] from Dr. Cristos Velasco has been published by the prestigious Dutch publisher Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. The book is now available for purchase in electronic format or “print on demand” directly through the website of the publisher at the following hyperlink.

This edition contains a total of 402 pages and is updated to September 2012. It is currently the only book with an in-depth legal analysis and a practical approach published in English about Mexico covering various topics related to the regulation of cyberspace and topics related to telecommunications and information technologies. The book consists of a general introduction, statistics and general background on the Mexican political and legal system, statistics on geography and population, infrastructure, telecommunications, statistics and data on information technologies and telecommunications, electronic commerce, domain names, competitiveness and e-government. The book is divided into nine major areas of practice with different chapters and sub-sections and a section of conclusions. The ten sections in which the book is divided into are the following:

I. Regulatory Framework of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs);

II. Intellectual Property Protection in the ICT sector including copyright protection in the field of ICT, protection of software and databases, domain name registration and analysis of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA);

III. ICT related contracts;

IV. Legal Regime of Electronic Transactions including the regulation of electronic commerce, users of financial services, electronic signatures and certification service providers in the commercial, financial, banking and fiscal sphere and within the public administration and the status of electronic cards;

V. Extra-Contractual Liability including responsibility and liability of network operators and Internet service providers;

VI. Online Legal Proceedings that includes an analysis of the legal and administrative framework related to the  Online Trial;

VII. Privacy and data protection that includes an analysis of the Regulation of the Federal Data Protection Law in Possession of Private Entities, State legislation and case law and national judgments issued by Mexican courts.

VIII. Transparency and Access to Government Information;

IX. Computer and Internet related crime, which includes an analysis of the substantive and procedural criminal laws for the prosecution and punishment of cybercrime and an overview and analysis of State legislation; and

X. Conclusions

This book also contains a “Index” which helps to identify key words and concepts along the 708 paragraphs, which enables readers to search for specific terms of interest related to the regulation of information technologies in Mexico.

Special thanks to my colleague and friend Dr. Wilma Arellano, professor and researcher of the Fund for Information and Documentation for the Industry (INFOTEC) in Mexico City who not only drafted the Preface to the fourth edition, but also wrote some comments and personal views about the general content of the book in the Cyberlaw Blog clinic

I will be presenting this book in:

1. Berlin Germany on June 21, 2013 during the Annual Assembly of the Mexican Talent Network, Chapter Germany in the Mexican Embassy.

2. Mexico City, September 25, 2013 during the Breakfast for Associates of the Mexican Internet Industry AMIPCI at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, World Trade Centre

3. Mexico City at Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) date and time to be confirmed in October.

The book is now available for purchase in electronic format or print on demand format directly in the website of Wolters Kluwer or by sending a message to the Marketing Department at the following email address: