Data Privacy Day 2021

Today is Data Privacy Day 2021 and the commemoration of the 40th year anniversary of the Council of Europe Convention 108. In this day, stakeholders around the world organize and participate in different activities concerning the protection of privacy and personal information as a fundamental human right.

Yesterday, I participated in the #CPDP2021 panel The role of OECD in Latin America. The dynamics of regulatory convergence in personal data protection” where I highlighted major developments of the revision of the OECD Privacy Guidelines and the Going Digital Report in Brazil. Today, I will be following and attending:

– The Council of Europe’s Conference on Data Protection Day 2021 in Latin America;

– The Conference organized under the German Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on Challenges of international data transfer from the perspective of the Convention 108+ and GDPR;

– The panel and discussions of the CPDP 2021 conference including the panel “40 Years of Data Protection and many more to come: Convention 108 and 108+ ;

– The panel organized by the Center for AI and Digital Policy, which I am part of the research team “Toward and International Accord on AI”; and

– IAPP’s Knowledge Net Meeting organized by the Brussels and Munich Chapters “Experiences with Data Transfers after Schrems II: EDPB Recommendations and New SCCs and US Government Surveillance Laws”.

Looking forward to getting involved in today’s discussions. See: the CPDP2021_Certificate_of_Attendance

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