Publication of Cristos Velasco’s New Book “Criminal Jurisdiction and Cross-Border Access on Cybercrime”

The most recent book of Dr. Cristos Velasco titled “Criminal Jurisdiction and Cross-Border Access on Cybercrime [ISBN 978-84-9086-992-5] has been published by Tirant lo Blanch. This book is a continuation of its predecessor “Jurisdiction over Crimes Committed through Computer Systems and Internet” published in May 2012.

A large part of the content of this book is devoted to analyzing cross-border access to data and information by law enforcement authorities for purposes of criminal investigations in third countries. Although said topic is not new, it has gained attention and relevance in recent years mainly because the legal evidence that could be useful for a criminal investigation may be found not only in computer and information systems used by criminals located in different territories, but also hosted and stored in servers and data centers of cloud computing service providers that are usually located in different countries, a mater that complicates the work and criminal investigations of national law enforcement authorities.

Cross-border access to data by law enforcement authorities in third countries brings other controversial and complex issues to be resolved at the national and local level, such as aspects of national sovereignty under international law, safeguards and protection of fundamental rights such as the right to data protection, international cooperation aspects through multilateral legal mutual assistance mechanisms and conflict of laws on data protection between countries.

This book offers some insights, perspectives and possible solutions concerning this topic based on the author’s experience and his active participation in international seminars and conferences related to cybercrime, cyber security and data protection.

This current edition also includes the review and analysis of the legal frameworks on criminal jurisdiction and legislation on crimes committed through the use of information technologies of ten Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Dominican Republic), as well a assessment of their respective Computer Emergency and Information Security Response Teams (CERT’s) which play an important role in coordinating, facilitating and offering immediate response for both, victims of crime and organizations & institutions responsible for the management and control of security systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This book contains 415 pages and is divided into two parts. The first part consists of three chapters and the second part of four chapters; and finalizes with a section of conclusions and perspectives concerning the thematic that we are quite sure will be useful and relevant for public servants and employees of international and regional organizations; national data protection authorities and government officials in charge of creating and implementing policies on information and digital security; CERTs and 24×7 contact point networks; legislators and policy makers; trial and practicing attorneys, Judges, Magistrates and professionals responsible for the administration of criminal justice; professors; researchers and law students interested in the subject.

I will be officially presenting this book during international conferences and seminars related to cybercrime, information security and data protection in Europe and Latin America, as well as in some universities and academic circles in Spain and Mexico during 2016, including the International Book Fair of Guadalajara in December 2016. The book can be purchased in electronic or print format in:

Tirant lo Blanch España (Spain and countries of the European Union).

Tirant lo Blanch México (Mexico, United States, Canada and countries of Latin America).