Reporte Artificial Intelligence & Democratic Values Index 2023 (AIDV-2023)

The fourth edition of the Artificial Intelligence & Democratic Values Index 2023 Report (AIDV-2023) has been published by the Center for AI and  Digital Policy (CAIDP) and it is now available at:

CAIDP’s AIDV-2023 report (1634 pages) continues to be the most comprehensive and detailed source on AI policy and regulation developments worldwide. This year’s report covers 80 countries with insight from more than 500 experts worldwide. It includes updates with metrics that implement international policy frameworks on AI, including the OECD AI Principles, the 2021 UNESCO Recommendation on AI and Ethics, the 2022 Global Privacy Assembly Resolutions on AI & Ethics, AI & Accountability and Facial Recognition, as well as in-depth analysis on how countries are navigating the intersection of AI technology and democratic governance.

The AIDV-2023 report includes an interactive map with country scores for each metric, which is available at:

Glad to share that I contributed to the review and drafting of the Chapter on Mexico, or see the full report (pages 925-941)

My most since acknowledgement to the work of Karine Caunes who coordinated the publication and Marc Rotenberg, Merve Hickok, CAIDP Board Members, the CAIDP Research Group and the voluntary expert contributors who made this year’s publication possible.

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