Council of Europe’s Octopus 2012 Conference on Cooperation Against Cybercrime

The 2012 Octopus conference on cooperation against cybercrime organized by the Council of Europe will take place on 6-8 June 2012 in Strasbourg. This year’s conference will focus primarily on the following subjects: (1) updates on cybercrime legislation and access and ratification of the Budapest Convention; (2) exchange of information between public and private sectors; (3) protection of minors against child pornography; (4) trans-border access to data and jurisdiction in cloud computing; and (5) rule of law, safeguards and data protection.

Also, new threats and latest trends on cybercrime and the implementation of the Budapest Convention in different countries,including countries in Latin America-, policies and initiatives related to cybercrime from government and private sectors organizations will also be part of the discussion.

For the first time, the CoE will analyze with a number of experts and data protection authorities, legal and policy aspects related to the protection of privacy in cybercrime investigations and government access to data located in foreign servers for criminal and law enforcement investigation purposes.

Dr. Cristos Velasco will be participating as a speaker on Thursday June 7 at Workshop 4 on cross-border access to data and jurisdiction. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of the subject, this workshop will not be webcasted as part of the rules of the Council of Europe.

Some of the sessions and workshops will be live webcasted in the following hyperlink.

Further information on this conference, the final agenda and preliminary reports are available in the website of the Octopus 2012 Conference of the Council of Europe.