Publication of the Book “Cyber Law in Mexico” by Wolters Kluwer

The prestigious Dutch publisher Wolters Kluwer Law & Business has published the third edition of the book in English titled: Cyber Law in Mexico [ISBN 978-90-411-3908-5] of the Director of ProtDataMx, Dr. Cristos Velasco San Martin.

This book is part of the renowned “International Encyclopaedia of Cyber Law” coordinated by Professor Jos Dumortier of the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven in Belgium, and from this year, is available as “print on demand” (electronic or printed format) for those practicing lawyers, researchers, policy makers, government officials or students who are interested in purchasing it separately, without having to buy all three volumes of the “International Encyclopaedia of Cyber Law”.

The third edition contains a total of 330 pages and is updated to November 2011. It is currently the only book published in English in Mexico about this topic. It contains a general introduction; statistics and background on the Mexican political system, population and geography; telecommunications infrastructure; statistics and current data on information technology and telecommunications; electronic commerce; domain names; competitiveness and e-government. Additionally, the book is divided into eight main areas of practice with chapters and sub-sections, and a final section of conclusions:

I. Regulatory Framework for Information Technology and Communications;

II. Intellectual Property Protection in the ICT sector;

III. ICT Related Contracts;

IV. Legal Framework of Electronic Transactions including the regulation of electronic commerce, electronic signatures and certification service providers;

V. Extra-Contractual Liability including liability of network operators and Internet service providers;

VI. Online Legal Proceedings, which includes the legal and administrative framework for the online trial;

VII. Privacy, Data Protection and Access to Information, which includes an analysis of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties LFPDPPP;

VIII. Crimes related to Computer Systems and Internet, which includes the legal and procedural framework to investigate, prosecute and punish cyber crime; and

IX. Final Conclusions

This book also contains a “Thematic Index” that helps to identify keywords within more than 500 paragraphs of the final edition, which enables the reader to search for specific terms related to the regulation of information technologies in Mexico.

I am very grateful to my friend Dr. Jose Roldan Xopa full-time professor in the Academic Department of Law of Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) for having drafted the preface to the third edition of the book.

I will be presenting this book at some conferences and seminars related to the subject, as well as in some Universities and academic circles in Mexico during 2012.

The book can be now purchased through:

Amazon US

Amazon Deutschland (Germany and rest of Europe)

Wolters Kluwer (US, Canada and Mexico)