The Public Voice 2011 Conference on Privacy and Freedom

The conference entitled “Privacy and Freedom” organized by The Public Voice -an international coalition of NGOs and civil society organizations promoting privacy, freedom of expression and consumer protection on Internet- will be held on October 31st, 2011  at the Hilton Hotel Downtown, Mexico City. This conference is free of charge but in order to participate, you need to register in the following link.

This year’s conference has the following objectives: (i) review the status of the Privacy Declaration of Civil Society and the Resolution of International Standards on the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy of the Data Protection Commissioners, both of which were enacted two years ago in the Madrid; (ii) to evaluate and asses privacy cultures and perspectives on privacy around the world; (iii) to raise public awareness of surveillance technologies and their impact on citizens; aspects of freedom of expression and human rights; (iv) to discuss Latin American policies and legislation and technology perspectives regarding the right to privacy; and (v) to develop and establish networking opportunities for Mexico based civil society and consumer rights advocates with members of the Public Voice.

The conference is divided into six different panels conformed by a number of experts from various sectors and will start from 8:45 Mexico City time. There will be a session devoted to discussing initiatives related to Children’s Online Privacy during lunchtime and a panel on the Right to be Forgotten on Internet. Like every year, there will be a live web cast for those organizations and individuals that are not able to attend the conference.

The twitter hashtag for the conference is: #tpv11

There will be experts and volunteers including posts and information in different languages on the most relevant aspects of the conference through blogs and social networks.

See you in Mexico City.

Cristos Velasco

Founder  and Director

Protección Datos México (ProtDataMx)